Sunday, 15 May 2011

EarthSoft Audio Jukebox 1.0.0

EarthSoft Audio Jukebox 1.0.0 | 5.02 Mb

EarthSoft Audio Jukebox, an all-in-one MP3 jukebox that includes the functions of audio ripping, CD playing, supports MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG, and allows you to listen to the radio or the music files locally added, convert the music files or rip CD to other formats, record the radio exactly, etc. You can use it to play the CD and any other audio files, which equals to a free jukebox download and it is also a great audio ripper which does a excellent job in audio ripping, allowing you to play your favorite music files on it! It will be the best MP3 jukebox for you!

All-in-one MP3 jukebox 
Play the radio or music files freely 
Capable of audio ripping 
Convert audio files or rip CD 
Record the playing radio

Key features:
- Play the radio or music files freely 
As a MP3 jukebox, it can play music freely. Double-click the radio or the local music files or right-click the file and select "Play" button to play the file freely.
- Convert the imported audio files 
As an audio ripper, it can rip audio files easily. Click "Local Media" menu, click "Add" button to add music files from your computer. Right click the files and select "Converter" option to convert them to other formats including MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG.
- Auto-Scan and rip CD 
Click "Rip & Play" menu, the MP3 jukebox will automatically scan your ROM and display the CD files on the screen. Right click the files and select "Ripper" option to rip your CD.
- Record the radio preciously 
You can listen to the radio and even record the radio with this MP3 jukebox. When the radio is playing, click "Record" button (the red button on the bottom) to preciously record the playing radio.
- Check and revise ID3 information 
Besides the audio ripping function, it also has an ID3 edit function. Highlight and right click the music file, and select "ID3 Info" option. Check/revise the detailed information as you like.
- Convert files in batches 
You can convert multiple files in one click with this audio ripper. Click "Converter" or "Ripper" button once, and all the files will be converted one by one automatically.

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