Saturday, 28 May 2011


Pdf995 pdfEdit995 offers a wealth of additional functionality, such as: combining documents into a single PDF; automatic link insertion; hierarchical bookmark insertion; PDF conversion to formatted HTML or DOC (text only); integration with Word toolbar with automatic table of contents and link generation; autoattach to email; stationery and stamping.

• Restricted printing, modification and copying of text and images from PDF files
• Link and bookmark insertion
• Rotation of PDFs
• PDFA support
• Support for AutoCad
• PDF keyword and title specification and full-screen opening mode options
• Web Optimization
• Batch printing of Office documents
• Pdf to HTML conversion
• PDF to image conversion
• Text summarization
• Confidential stamps
• Support for shared network printing
• Dynamic Page and 'Bates' stamping
• Automated Bookmark Insertion
• Automatic Imposition of PDF Stationery
• Configurable Naming Conventions
• Integration with Document Management and Workflow Systems
• Citrix/Terminal Server Support
• Fast User Switching Support
• Automated Security
• Text Summarization
• PDF to HTML Conversion




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