Friday, 27 May 2011

Advexsoft Advanced File Manager 3.5.0

Complete file and disk management,reporting and monitoring award-winning file manager with pie charts.

Advanced File Manager allows easy monitor the disk space usage on your local and network computers and servers, easy generate file system reports in most convenient file formats and manage file system.

Advanced File Manager also lets you view space-distribution data in a pie chart. You can search files and folders by size and multiple names and view file and folder owners on NTFS-formatted drives in Exploring mode. The program includes an image viewer that supports icons, bitmaps, and JPEGs and GIFs in thumbnail mode.The program provides a file-system report generator that can export disk space details to HTML and CSV. 

Tools and Components:

* Directory Size Viewer
* Share Names Viewer
* Advanced Search
* Directory Printer (Directory Report)
* Favorite folders engine
* Quick Start Programs Bar
* Directory Size Pie Chart
* Thumbnails
Feature List:

* View folder size
* View directory size data
* Search folders by size
* View NTFS owners
* Generate file system reports totext file [HTML, CSV]
* Quick open DOS Prompt
* Open favorite folders
* Hidden Folder Viewer

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