Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Search for Old Tweets and Facebook Updates with Social Searching

 Have your ever wondered about a Facebook conversation or tweet you shared on Twitter, many months ago? I sometimes do wish I could look up old updates and tweets.

Searching for the link of a status update of mine or a friends from months ago is easier said than done. With Twitter, it does not even allow searching for tweet older than 2 weeks.

Social Searching is a service which allows users to search for old updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Features of Social Searching
Users need to authorize their Facebook or Twitter account with Social Searching, to enable search.
The Search is with done by a combination of your name or your friend’s name along with a search query to look up old updates and tweets.
Rahul Bansal, had once shared a nice update about the book “Art of War” on Twitter and I could easily look it up within seconds (image below).

If you want to look up old updates from your Twitter and Facebook friends then try out Social Searching. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Social Searching

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