Sunday, 5 June 2011

How to Hack A Computer Software + Tutorial For Beginners

How to Hack A Computer Software + Tutorial For Beginners

Get yourself ProRAT from Download Link and load it up. Now, first we are going to create a server, this is what you will send to the slave. So click "Create", and the window will pop up. So, choose how you want to be notified, and fill in the nessicary details. If you want to use Proconnective, then tick the box.
Now, click on the general settings tab, and choose a name for your slave, and make a password for your server. Tick whatever boxes you want. If you wish to bind with a file, then click on that tab. The last two tabs will allow you to choose an icon and a sever Extension. Now, Click the create server button, and your server is ready.

Now we have to send it to the slave, and get their ip. Do this via Social engineering or whatever. Now once you have this, and he has got the server, go on to the client, and input his ip to the specified box. Then, hit connect. Give it a mintute, and it'll connect. 

Now, if the slave has a firewall, then you are going to want to use reverse connection. If you tick the R Box beside the "Connect" Button, then it will attempt to connect via Reverse. I belive you need the payed edition for Reverse connection.
(This software and tutorial for only Educational Purspose I am no way responsible if you do anything illegal and against the law)
Password: John

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