Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What is an "E" book?

An ebook is an ELECTRONIC BOOK - a file containing all the information that a hard book would contain. The reason for ebook refunds is because customers think they will get a hard book in the mail. Ebooks do NOT come in the mail. They are directly downloaded from a secure library site to YOUR computer, and sometimes they are sent as an attachment to an email for the purposes of instant learning and information transmission.

What kind of files are Ebooks?
                 In the olden days, ebooks were sometimes just a plain text file. This is no longer considered industry standard and now, ebooks are carefully formatted like hard books, or they may contain special aspects you can't find in a hard book such as numerous illustrations or even video clips, animations or sound. Sometimes, an ebook may have been produced under an ebook-maker system that produces .exe files - full little programmes that contain all the text and pictures. These .exe style eBooks can NOT play on Macintosh computers and are only usable for Windows-based PCs. Many ebooks are also in Adobe PDF format. These can be read on Windows or Mac computers.

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