Wednesday, 20 July 2011

iSub4Sub - Get 1000's of YouTube Subscribers

  iSub4Sub - Get 1000's of YouTube Subscribers
How this system works

Your start off by registering an account (Username, Password and Youtube Account and E-mail), after you login, you will be on our main form. You will see your stats as seen in images below. When you have credits you will be on our earning list. When someone wanting to earn credits clicks start, it will go through that list and subscriber to them. Earning you a subscribers per credit. Think of it like this, 1 credit= 1 subscribers.

Best of all. their system uses web request technology instead of web browsers, which means that our program will be reliable, quick and not reliant upon the users internet connection speed.

The benefits of isub4sub

Youtube susbcribers are a necessity if you want to become a youtube partner, without them your channel will seem less appealing and most likely never qualify for a youtube partnershi. Their research has show that Youtube members with a high number of subscribers, received more video views, subscribers and more.

As you can see subscribers is a neccesity.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. On registration do i put by YouTube name or link:
A. You put just your channel name (Your Username)

Q. Will this always be free?
A. Yes, using the program and earing credits will always be free.


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